Mindful Detroit



Mindful Detroit envisions a thriving and resilient Detroit community rooted in purposeful and sustainable wellbeing.


Mindful Detroit aims to uplift the emotional wellbeing of individuals, groups, businesses, and communities in Detroit through yoga, mindfulness and wellness services.

The ways in which we achieve our mission:

  • Employee self-care workshops and classes

  • Staff trainings on how to incorporate yoga & mindfulness in your work with clients/patients/students

  • Yoga for emotional wellbeing

  • Private yoga instruction

  • Yoga therapy (in training)

    • Read about the differences between general yoga & yoga therapy here

  • Public yoga classes

  • Mindfulness workshops and classes

  • Yoga for cyclists

  • Social Work Continuing Education workshops

  • Social Work supervision toward the macro social work license

    Sustainability Commitment

    Mindful Detroit is aware of the impact our actions have on the earth. Mindful Detroit commits to reducing our carbon footprint through pedal-powered transportation, using materials that have low environmental impact, and fostering the interconnection of people and the planet in our services.


    Mindful Detroit values a respect for the earth, the ancestors who led the way, and social, racial, economic and environmental justice. Mindful Detroit recognizes the damaging effects of cultural appropriation and commodification in the wellness world and seeks to honor the originating cultures and religions of many holistic practices.


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